Diethyl Sebacate Exporter From India

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Diethyl Sebacate Exporter From India

    Listed below are some of its uses:

  • The chemical is used as a plasticiser to improve the overall strength, flexibility, and other mechanical attributes of the polymer.
  • Used as a solvent in various types of skincare and cosmetic products.
  • It is used in adhesive formulations to increase the adhesive's flexibility and effectiveness.
  • Serves as an intermediate in organic synthesis for the production of various compounds.
  • Works as a corrosion inhibitor which can be applied on metal surfaces to prevent rusting and degradation.

TKM Pharma takes immense pride in its effort to enhance its capabilities while understanding the precise needs of our customers. Our manufacturing plant is fitted with the latest equipment in the field and manned by a team of highly skilled individuals dedicated to delivering high-quality drugs to our clients. Quality compliance is fundamental to all our undertakings. We comply with the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system which serves as a testimony to our commitment as a top-tier diethyl sebacate exporter from India.

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