CAS No : 84-66-2 exporters in India

Walk into a world of boundless potential and possibilities with TKM Pharma, the most renowned and trusted CAS No. 84-66-2 exporter in India. Also known by its commercial name, diethyl phthalate (DEP), this is a versatile chemical widely used in various industries like pharmaceuticals, chemicals, additives, paints, and perfumes. It has a myriad of applications, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Plastic Industry: DEP is used as a plasticiser in the plastic industry to enhance mechanical properties such as flexibility, durability, and moldability of the end product.
  • Cosmetics: Used by cosmetic companies to formulate lotions and various types of skincare products.
  • Pest Control: It is mixed with other chemicals to develop different types of insect repellents.
  • Adhesives: It improves the flexibility and effectiveness of adhesive formulations.
  • Colourants: DEP finds application in the production of dyes and pigments for fabric.
CAS No : 84-66-2 exporters in India

Recognising the wide range of uses for diethyl phthalate, TKM Pharma goes above and beyond to maintain the best industry requirements in each unit we supply. Consistency and quality in all our offerings are an essential part of our work ethic rather than just business requirements. Our team is made up of talented and committed professionals from varied backgrounds who make sure that plans are followed down to the dot, and that only high-quality goods are delivered that are adapted to the needs of our clients. We partner with our stakeholders to identify bottlenecks, devise solutions, and implement them effectively to address immediate needs and set the pace for the future.

As a business that complies with ISO 9001:2015, we place the highest priority on quality. Partnering with TKM Pharma means joining forces with the most trusted and performance-focused CAS No. 84-66-2 exporter in India and walking down the path to a profitable future supported by the tireless pursuit of production excellence in every undertaking.

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