CAS No 77-93-0 Manufacturers In India

TKM Pharma is an unquestioned leader among major CAS No 77-93-0 manufacturers in India backed by 20-plus years of unmatched experience and insight garnered over time. CAS No 77-93-0, also known by its commercial name Triethyl Citrate, has numerous applications used across sectors such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, additives, paints, and perfumes to name a few. Mentioned below are some of its common uses:

  • Food Processing: It is used as a flavouring agent, stabiliser, or emulsifier in various food items and beverages.
  • Pharmaceutical: This chemical is used as a plasticiser to provide coatings for medicines to protect them from elements of nature and extend their shelf life.
  • Cosmetics: It finds application as a solvent in various skincare products to improve the product's effectiveness and usability.
  • Plastic Products: Triethyl Citrate is used in the plastic industry as a plasticiser to improve the physical/mechanical properties of the end product.
  • Solvent: The chemical is also used in various industrial processes where it’s used as a solvent or lubricant.
CAS No 77-93-0 Manufacturers In India

With TKM Pharma at the helm of things, we understand the importance of maintaining high industrial standards to ensure we deliver products that meet the various needs of our customers across the country. Quality compliance is not just a buzzword in our premises, but an integral part of our work ethics and organisational goal. We adhere to a slew of internal quality control measures according to the specific needs of our customers at various stages of the production process. Additionally, we also abide by the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system which substantiates our standing as one of the top-performing CAS No 77-93-0 manufacturers in India for years in a row.

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