CAS No 141-05-9 Manufacturers In India

TKM Pharma is one of the leading CAS No 141-05-9 manufacturers in India, with an unparalleled two decades of experience. We have experience in many different areas, such as chemicals, paints, additives, pharmaceuticals, and perfumes. The unique chemical code, CAS No. 141-05-9, is also known by its commercial name, diethyl maleate (DEM).

CAS No 141-05-9 Manufacturers In India

    The following are some of the main uses and attributes of diethyl maleate:

  • Chemical Intermediary: In the synthesis of many different chemical compounds, DEM is an essential intermediary.
  • Polymerisation: It is essential to the processes of polymerisation which produce polymers like polyester, polyamides, and polyurethanes.
  • Sealants and Adhesives: Applied in the formulation of sealants and adhesives to improve durability and adhesion in packaging, construction, and automotive applications.
  • Plasticiser: The substance is added to polymer compositions to improve processability, strength, flexibility, and resistance to impact.
  • Surface Coating: Used in paint and coating manufacturing to increase its adherence and durability on any applied surface.
  • Fuel additive: Increases combustion efficiency and lowers emissions when added to diesel fuels.
  • Research and Development: Because of its adaptability as a reagent in a variety of chemical reactions and synthetic processes, it is utilised in laboratories for research and development operations.

Our ethos at TKM Pharma is defined by our constant commitment to quality and our unrelenting dedication to customer satisfaction. As one of our basic principles, we place a high priority on quality control, making sure that every product either fulfils or surpasses industry requirements. Our staff of skilled experts guarantees smooth plan implementation, producing goods that surpass industry requirements.

We maintain the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system and follow internal quality processes as one of the top CAS No 141-05-9 manufacturers in India. Over the years, we have gained the trust and patronage of significant businesses like Aditya Birla, Merck, Dr Reddy's, and Navin Fluorine.

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